Family Counseling Practice Cary, NC

Productivity Expert Tracey Gritz

RADAR - Resident Council Development Training

Dan Ryan Builders North Carolina

CESI - Consumer Education Services Inc.

Inspiring speaker and singer Sandra Dubose - The Bald Beauty Queen

Filming YOU at Discover 2013

Assure Money Services

Detail Disc - Tire Detailing Product

Meet Dan Nelson, Live Art Entertainer.

This video is a demo video for Dan to use to promote his business, Wow Your Crowd. We wanted to tell his story, show his talent and let his personality shine through. Did we accomplish our mission?

Web Video Product Demo Video

This handbag has an identity all its own. Designer Gigi Karmous Edwards of Uvo Luxury, wanted to make a simple, elegant video that did nothing more than demonstrate the features. More than meets the eye, or in this case leather, suede and crystals. This handbag doubles as an iPad bag, makeup case, sunglass case, and organizer for all your must haves. UvoLuxury.com


Meet Sandy Costa, former COO of Quintiles and attorney at Smith Anderson Law Firm. As a published author and amazing speaker, Sandy needed a video that demonstrated his content and expertise while showing his storytelling, his humor and his genuiness.

Sample AlishaTV Interview

AlishaTV interviews Stacy London, cohost of What Not To Wear. Alisha interviews Stacy to help her promote her new company and to show her likability and fanfare.

A Web Video For An Organization

We created this promo video to help begin to tell the story of Builders of Hope.

Sample AlishaTV Interview

Shabra Charity foundation. Building a web video from an interview.