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You say you need video for your business... but what do you really need?
More clients, more repeat business, higher conversions, more referrals, more Buzz...

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Next: We explain what type of video or service will best support your needs, will meet your budget and will get you results.

Final Step: We go to work for you. We get laser focused on combining what you need from a business perspective with what your potential client needs to hear, needs to see and needs to feel in order to take action.

Video Production

We are gifted in the art of storytelling for businesses. That is our secret sauce to all successful video campaigns we create for our clients. There are a lot of video producers out there​with great gear and nifty special effects, just make sure you hire someone who really understands more than just video production. Make sure they can tell your story and get the results you need.

At Tellurvision, we get to understand your company and culture, your clients and sales goals. We know how to become your customer and understand how they think, what makes them tick and what will make them press play and stay....until the end of the video. Finally, we know how to tell your story in a way that makes the viewer know, like and trust you quickly. We get viewers to take action.

On Location
Company Video Documentary

We believe going behind the scenes, hearing real stories from your customers, chatting with awesome employees and filming your company in person, is the best way to create compelling video to grow your business.

Depending on your needs, Choose from a 2 day, 3 day or 5 day All-Inclusive Video package.

Get your own video producer and cameraman. We go on-location, to film your company. We bring our film quality cameras and our expertise and we hit the ground running. While visiting your company HQ / Facility, we hustle to get your stories told on film.

While there, with a pre-approved itinerary, we shoot, edit and produce as many videos as we can. Every video we produce for you has a purpose and a call to action.

Examples of videos we can shoot include:

Website videos, company overview video, company introduction, sales videos,​client testimonial video's, CEO and Executive videos, documentary videos, product launch videos, how to videos and employee or client training videos.

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Our Studio
Company Video Documentary

Our Raleigh Video Studio is equipped with a 12' green screen wall, teleprompters, studio lighting and sound. We shoot HD Broadcast Quality video and use only professional HD video cameras. We can convert your video to any specific standard you need, from HD Broadcast Quality to online video to your smart phone device and anything in between.

Our studio is available for rent with or without our equipment.
Available: 1/2 day (4 hours) or Full day (8 hours)
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On Camera Talent - Host - Spokesperson

We have on-camera talent available to support you and your video production needs.
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